Tokenomics Info

Supply : 100 Billion
Burned Tokens : 0%
BUSD Reflection (buy/sell) : 10% / 14%
Liquidity tax (buy/sell) : 5% / 7%
Max hold : 1.5b tokens
Max buy : 399m tokens
Fair-launched with no presale!

BabyBUSD has the best BUSD rewards on BSC. There is a 15% tax on buys and 21% tax on sells. This reduces incentive to sell and it discourages day trading of this coin.

BUSD rewards
10% of each buy transaction goes to holders in BUSD and this is increased to 14% on sells.

5% of each buy and 7% of each sell goes to the liquidity. Organic growth ensures that the liquidity has a solid base which is a key factor to BabyBUSD's longevity in the space.

Marketing tax
No part of each transaction goes to a marketing wallet, all rewards go to holders and a tiny part to liquidity.

Supply burn
There is no supply burn. The contract is renounced so no changes can be made.

The maximum number of BabyBUSD tokens that a wallet can hold is 1.5 billion token (1.5% of the supply). There is also a max buy per transaction of 399 million tokens. If you want to buy more than that you will need to do it in multiple transactions. The wallet distribution is very good with no whales.

Fair-launched, no pre-sale
BabyBUSD started from a $500 market cap. No funds were raised before launch. Just a dedicated community which is full of diamond hands.

BabyBUSD's tokenomics favour diamond hands. By hodling, holders can generate a passive income where the rewards will also increase as the market cap and volume increases.