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Email: TG: @BabyBUSDbsc Twitter: @BabyBUSD

As a longtime eth miner before I got into solidity coding, I have been in the crypto space for quite a few years now. After seeing safemoon after safemoon clone for months on end I decided that there was a better way. Coming from a background in game development, solidity was a breeze to get the hang of and I have been experimenting ever since! As luck would have it I met the 2 lads below and we started planning for a launch around mid April. The rest as they say: is history!

24 Years old and born in England - Reflections not rugs. BSC has been one crazy rollercoaster and it's led me hereā€¦ Not been in the BSC space for too long but I think I have learned my fair share and seen enough of greedy lazy devs and scams over and over. I strive to change the lives of the people around me and achieve greatness one step at a time. Come say hello via Telegram/Twitter/Email; I am always active within the community!

Sailed these crypto seas since a few months ago. Been rugged many a time aye. Savvy? On a serious note, I've been in crypto since 2017. Only recently entered the casino that is BSC. Been rugged and dumped like many other people. Now we made an unruggable token. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!