Frequently Asked Questions

1) Download MetaMask or TrustWallet and create your wallet. Add Binance Smart Chain to your network list. Tutorial here.

2) Buy BNB on an exchange (like Binance, Coinbase etc.) and transfer it to your MetaMask or TrustWallet address on Binance Smart Chain network.

3) Go to PancakeSwap (add token using contract address 0xA22DC6BabAb39C2D83F0d4b174ef7016424253a7 if necessary). Set the slippage to 15% (sometimes it may require up to 20%), and swap your BNB for BabyBUSD. You can also purchase on Poocoin and use the auto-slippage function.

4) Now HODL and you will start earning BUSD!
There is a 15% tax on buys and 21% tax on sells:
Buys: 10% in BUSD reflection and 5% to liquidity
Sells: 14% in BUSD reflection and 7% to liquidity

These taxes assure that BabyBUSD is the best rewards token around and that our price floor and liquidity keeps rising.

Set your slippage above the tax rate for your transaction. If the price is moving quickly or your transaction is large, more slippage helps but will only be used if needed.
Yes. Straight to your wallet. Make sure to add BabyBUSD's contract (0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56) as a token in your wallet.
BUSD rewards are sent periodically throughout the day. There are no set times. During high volume, the rewards can be paid as frequently as every hour. While during low volume it can get down to once a day. Regardless of when the rewards come through, the distribution amount does not change. The reward system is triggered by volume and payouts occur when suitable, covering gas fees.
The lion's share of the buy and sell taxes on transactions are rewarded to holders, with 10% on buys and 14% on sells (an additional tax is incurred for liquidity, bringing the total buy tax to 15% and the total sell tax to 21%). How much BUSD you earn depends on how much of the supply you own. This is the fairest way for distribution of the rewards. The more BabyBUSD you own, the more BUSD you will earn! It's as simple as that!
There's no definitive way to calculate how much BUSD you will earn as it depends on the volume which we cannot predict. However you can visit the calculator tool on our website where you can work out how much you could earn based on different daily volumes.

As an example: If the total rewards in a day was $50,000 BUSD. And you owned 100 million tokens. The BUSD rewards you would get for that day would be 0.1%* of $50,000 = $50.

*100 million tokens = 0.1% of the supply.
1.5 billion tokens or 1.5% of the supply is the maximum amount of BabyBUSD you can own per wallet.
Max buy per transaction is 399 million tokens. If you want to buy more than 399 million tokens, you need to do it in multiple transactions.
There is no minimum that you can own. But if you want to earn BUSD you will need to own at least 10,000 $BABYBUSD tokens.
Yes, both the contract and website have been audited by Dessert Finance passing all checks. You can read our audit by clicking the audit button in the right hand menu.
Yes. Liquidity is locked on DxSale for 10+ years. Link here.
Yes, we are one of the only projects with a renounced contract in the entire rewards space. We are confident in our tokenomics. Nothing in the contract needs to be changed. It has also been audited.
1.45% of the total token supply belongs to the marketing wallet and only gets filled from the passive income generated by BUSD rewards. The marketing wallet will NEVER be sold or airdropped. Additionally, the dev team has been putting personal funds towards marketing.
We hope to give away one Lambo per week when we hit a market cap of $100 million. We have run some napkin math and at that market cap, the marketing wallet should be able to generate enough BUSD rewards to buy a Lambo each week.

For a closer milestone, we hope to give away a Tesla Model 3 each week when BabyBUSD starts hitting $50m market cap or more. #wentesla